Financial Sector Fitout Northern Ireland

Financial Sector Fitout Northern Ireland

We are an industry leader in bank counter design in Northern Ireland and have a reputation for reliability, security and trust within the financial sector sector. Headed by the proprietor, our security division is well versed on the procedures to make any financial fitout run smoothly and without snags.

Security Products

  • Anti-Bandit Screens
  • Bullet Proof Products
  • Cash Counters
  • Interlock Lobbies
  • Lodgement Facilities
  • Safes
  • Anti-Intrusion Glass
  • Document Transfer Facilities
  • Cash Transfer Products
  • Deposit Boxes
  • Lodgement Boxes
  • Cash Trolleys

We are one of the leading suppliers of security screens in Ireland. We have delivered a wide range of bandit screens to leading financial institutions for use where cash is retained behind an area exposed to the public. We offer a variety of designs, each with their own characteristics to suit the needs of the individual customer as well as serving the primary purpose of providing security for cash and staff.

In recent years we have seen a change in attitude towards security screens with more financial institutions moving away from heavy-duty aluminium and glass towards slim-line screens with the sole purpose of preventing robbers vaulting over the counter to gain access to cash. We can guarantee a design to suit the needs of your business. This might involve different glass specifications such as shaped glass or different colours of powder coated aluminium in order to create a customer friendly atmosphere.

Our employees have vast experience in this field and are able to guarantee overnight fitting of your screen anywhere in the country.

Interlock Lobbies

Robinsons interlock system is a sleek, modern, secure and reliable package which can seamlessly integrated into an existing building or new build. Our interlock system consists of various state of the art components tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. For example a discrete double door interlock on an entrance or in a high security area. All interlocks can be fitted with a remote staff control unit and are disability friendly.

Robinsons interlock is the perfect security feature in an open commercial area. To see how our interlock can benefit you call us on 00 44 (0)28 9442 2299 for more information.


We specialise in highly functional work-top counters. Most of our clients have had counters designed by architects and these often pose interesting challenges due to modern design. We have the skills to produce such counters using difficult structural techniques and a wide variety of materials. Each counter is personalised to the individual customer’s requirements.

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